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We Cannot Do It Without You

The success of our program is dependent upon the help of volunteers. Volunteer pilots play a very special role on Fly Days as they guide students through their graduation flight experience.


During a Fly Day, we also depend on our ground volunteers to check-in students upon arrival, print pictures and certificates, run the food and sales tables, dispatch and escort students to their aircraft. We cannot do it without you!  Wright Flight also has opportunities for pilots and non-pilots who would like to get involved but cannot attend Fly Days.


When You Volunteer On A Fly Day

Be a part of a student’s Fly Day graduation from Wright Flight programs by volunteering to help at a Fly Day!  On Fly Days, volunteers help in a wide variety of roles as part of a team.  The “ground” team is responsible for welcoming and checking in students, taking photos, printing photos/certificates, acting as safety “escorts” and handing out T-shirts and snacks.  Specialized training is available to act as a safety briefer, dispatch students to their planes, and/or direct plane traffic on the ground by acting as a marshal.  All ground volunteers work under the direction of the Fly Day Coordinator. 



When You Volunteer as a Pilot or Operator

Be a part of a student’s Fly Day graduation from Wright Flight programs by volunteering to fly!  Wright Flight has three Cessna-172’s that are used on Fly Day, and always welcome pilots with their own small planes. Pilots play a very special role on Fly Days as they interact with students one-on-one and pose for “hero shot” photos.  Pilots are also needed on non-fly days to fly maintenance flights or to help move the fleet from one airport to another. Wright Flight planes are available to our volunteer pilots to maintain currency levels.  All pilots fly under the direction of the Fly Day Supervisor (on Fly Days) and/or our Pilot Coordinator.  Please contact us for currencies and flight hours requirements.

When You Volunteer Behind the Scenes

Wright Flight also needs volunteers to help with a variety of tasks at other times.  This behind the scenes work helps keep the office running on a budget and prepares for Fly Days to run smoothly. Projects vary greatly. They might be done in the office, at the airport/hangar, or from home, and are usually performed individually or with a small group.  Projects might include anything from basic office tasks such as filing or assembling student curriculum binders to organizing merchandise, preparing materials for Fly Day, or even washing the aircraft.  Grant writers are also needed to research and submit proposals to funding organizations or sponsors.   Do you have a special skill or talent you’d like to share? Let us know!  Office volunteers work under the direction of the Office Administrator. Grant writers work under the direction of Robin Stoddard, Executive Director.



No, students must be signed up through their schools.


Possibly. Often two students will fly in the airplane at a time. To better your chances of being paired, sign in together. We cannot always accommodate such requests and student/aircraft/pilot assignments are at they discretion of the Fly Day Flight Dispatcher.

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