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Help Arizona Children
Reach New Heights!

Wright Flight student programs help Arizona kids learn to set goals,
meet challenges, and change their lives. 

Too many Arizona students do not have the benefit of positive mentors and experiences to guide them through life’s inevitable challenges. Wright Flight shows that raising standards and expectations is the best way to raise self-esteem, and put kids on the right track for a successful life.

The foundations for a successful life
begin in childhood.
What Our Kids Say!
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Through this wonderful program my daughter has come to love math again, setting goals and achieving them. The math alone is a huge success for me as her homeschool teacher. She has soared socially and obtained confidence I can honestly attribute to this program.

CHET-SE Home School Parent/Teacher


My excitement towards flying helped me persevere through tough challenges like the Boldface test. It helped me feel amazing about finishing it. It made me think: "I'm one step closer to flying a plane and I earned it all by myself."

Lineweaver Elementary School Student


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Schools We Serve
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"We were lucky enough to grow up in an environment where there was always much encouragement to children to pursue intellectual interests; to navigate whatever aroused curiosity."

- Orville Wright

The mission of Wright Flight is to use the inherent motivational power of aviation as a stimulus for students to set and achieve higher goals in their educational and personal development.  Wright Flight looks to help students who have problems of low achievement scores, school discipline, school drop-outs and substance abuse by leveraging the compelling, motivational and inspirational aspects of the history of aviation and aerospace. 

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