Pilots: You Can Fly for Wright Flight!

This experience help's raise the participant's self-esteem. It helps them see that what may have seemed like an impossible goal is achievable through hard work. We believe this program discourages youngsters from seeking the negative highs of drugs or gang activity, and encourages them to participate in their own education.

When and Where
Flydays are scheduled on Saturdays, weekly from late October through the end of May. Flights generally depart from Tucson International Airport, with an intermediate stop at Ryan Field. Most pilots make two or more flights that day and take two kids per one-hour flight.

What You Get
Volunteer pilots are eligible for reimbursement of their fuel expense or half the rental cost of the plane up to $20 per hour. Of course, any other expenses are fully tax deductible, and Wright Flight will provide a receipt for the IRS at the Flyday. But, perhaps most importantly, there is the pure joy of flying these kids. Your gift provides an experience which they will not only remember forever, but which is life-changing.

What You Need
Pilots must possess a valid certificate, meet FAA currency requirements, have logged a minimum of 200 hours, and provide evidence of insurance.

Pilots who have not flown with us recently will need a short checkout, which can be arranged at your convenience. This checkout will also be a familiarization flight to show you the route and what we are trying to teach the kids during their flight. If a BFR is needed soon, let us know and we can arrange to combine it with your checkout.

How To Get Started
Call the Wright Flight office at 520-294-0404 to request a pilot application and current schedule or fill out our contact form.

Wright Flight offers a variety of programs which use aviation as a motivation. Typically, a student enrolled in the program sets an academic or behavioral goal he or she contracts to improve. The contract also stipulates the student must pass the Wright Flight aviation history course in addition to remaining drug and alcohol free

Upon successfully completing the contract, students are rewarded with a variety of exciting aviation-related incentives. Depending on the program the student has completed, the rewards vary from a tour of an aviation facility to a “hands-on flight” experience in a light aircraft. All students receive a t-shirt, certificate and photo commemorating their success and graduation from the program.

Because of their involvement with Wright Flight, Educators and Parents say:
“Due to the Wright Flight program our Honor Roll increased 64% since last year.”

“One class averaged a gain of 2.4 grades per student even though their Wright Flight contract specified a one grade increase.”

“Our son has made a 180° turn for the better since enrolling in the program. He now expresses confidence and enthusiasm about his future.”

“It was amazing to see the look on my daughter’s face after she got out of the plane. I think she kept a part of that enthusiasm in all her schoolwork since the flight.”

If you are interested in starting a program at your school, please contact Wright Flight.
Robin Stoddard, Lt Col, USAF, Retired - Executive Director
Robin Stoddard first conceived of the Wright Flight program for children when he was one of the top fighter pilots in the United States Air Force. Colonel Stoddard graduated cum laude from Colorado State University in 1977 with a degree in political science emphasizing national security issues. He went on to an even more distinguished career as a fighter pilot in the USAF with more than 3,500 hours flying the A-10, the A-7 and the F-16. He was selected Junior Officer of the Year in 1981 in the 81st Tactical Fighter Wing (then the largest fighter wing in the free world). He is a distinguished graduate of the USAF Squadron Officer School and the 1984 recipient of the Lt. Col. Anthony C. Shine Award, for flying and professional skills. This award is made each year to only one pilot in the USAF. Robin served three combat tours in Iraq and two tours in Afghanistan. He was the recipient of the Bronze Star and Air Medal in Afghanistan. Before transitioning to civilian life, Robin was a finalist in the White House Fellows competition for two years running. He then retired from military service in order to have more time to devote to making Wright Flight a reality. In civilian life, he is also known as an editor, a screenwriter, a researcher, and a lecturer specializing in free market materials (World Research, Inc., San Diego, CA, USA). Robin has published a feature article in Air Force Magazine and book reviews for the U.S. Army's professional journal, Military Review. He is also a 1994 Citationist, President's Volunteer Action Award, Points of Light Foundation.  Colonel Stoddard is a member of a number of professional organizations, including: the National Guard Association of the U.S., Air Force Association, Order of Daedalians, Red River Valley Fighter Pilot's Association, Pima County Sheriff's Department Aero Squadron, Tucson Chamber of Commerce - Military Affairs Committee and the Aerospace Education Foundation. He is currently employed at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Tucson, Arizona as an instructor in the A-10 Simulator training another generation of fighter pilots.

Matt McLynn—Director of Flight Operations
Matt McLynn has been a private and commercial pilot for 42 years. Retired from United Airlines after 35 years of service, Matt loves flying anything from a Cessna 150 to a jet fighter. For 10 years he flown in air shows, 3 years with the Thunder Delfin Jet group , 2 years as a corporate pilot, delivered aircraft around the country for 20 years, skydivers for 2 years, and the list goes on. 

Currently Matt volunteers both for Warbirds West Air Museum and Wright Flight. His extensive aviation experience provides an essential component to the Wright Flight program. Insuring that Wright Flight aircraft and volunteer pilot aircraft are properly maintained and current with FAA safety guidelines is Matt's primary duty. Additionally, Matt updates and monitors all pilot currency, insurance and safety records.

Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Matt lives in Green Valley, Arizona and commutes weekly and as often as needed to the Tucson International Airport home of Wright Flight. 

Call the Wright Flight office at 520-294-0404 to request a pilot application and current schedule or fill out our contact form.
Special Thanks to our Pilots:
Phil Abrams
Junaid Adil
Mitch Aldridge
Gary Bailey
John Brauneis
Mark Coan
Tom Dew
Ken Dungey
Whitney Egerton
Mike Garcia
Barbara Harper
Bart Haines
John K. Harris
Forrest Holly
Tim Hegarty
Rob Jones
Gabe Labato
James McGill
Jack McIntyre
Matt McLynn
Mark Meginnes
Tim Mitchell
Kyle Porter
Jim Pyland
Bob Reeves
Greg Rush
Robert Schroeder
Brett Smith
Micah Stoddard
Robin Stoddard
Dave Weeks
Steve Wilson

Special Thanks to our Volunteers:
Updated accurate list coming soon. Please e-mail vp@wrightflight.org with names of people who shouldn't be left out. 

Thank you!

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