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Pilots: You Can Fly for Wright Flight!

This experience help's raise the participant's self-esteem. It helps them see that what may have seemed like an impossible goal is achievable through hard work. We believe this program discourages youngsters from seeking the negative highs of drugs or gang activity, and encourages them to participate in their own education.

When and Where
Flydays are scheduled on Saturdays, weekly from late October through the end of May. Flights generally depart from Tucson International Airport, with an intermediate stop at Ryan Field. Most pilots make two or more flights that day and take two kids per one-hour flight.

What You Get
Volunteer pilots are eligible for reimbursement of their fuel expense or half the rental cost of the plane up to $20 per hour. Of course, any other expenses are fully tax deductible, and Wright Flight will provide a receipt for the IRS at the Flyday. But, perhaps most importantly, there is the pure joy of flying these kids. Your gift provides an experience which they will not only remember forever, but which is life-changing.

What You Need
Pilots must possess a valid certificate, meet FAA currency requirements, have logged a minimum of 200 hours, and provide evidence of insurance.

Pilots who have not flown with us recently will need a short checkout, which can be arranged at your convenience. This checkout will also be a familiarization flight to show you the route and what we are trying to teach the kids during their flight. If a BFR is needed soon, let us know and we can arrange to combine it with your checkout.

How To Get Started
Call the Wright Flight office at 520-294-0404 to request a pilot application and current schedule or fill out our contact form.

Not a Pilot? We can still use your help!
The success of our program is dependent on the help of volunteers.  During a Flyday there is more to be done than fly the kids.  We need volunteers to check-in students upon arrival, print pictures and certificates, run the food and sales tables, dispatch and escort.  We cannot do it without you!

When and Where
Flydays are scheduled on Saturdays, weekly from late October through the end of May and take place at the Executive Terminal at Tucson International Airport.

How To Get Started
Call the Wright Flight office: 520-294-0404 or fill out our contact form.